Check Out Policy
  • Children can check out as many books as they needChildren can return books and check out new ones each school day.  Many children in Kdgn and first grades make the library their first stop each school day. The library is open from 7:20-2:45.  We have set the following guidelines:

        Pre-K through kindergarten     1 book

        1st-2nd grades                         2  books

3rd-5th grades  2 books, 1 Playaway, 1 magazine

  • Children are never denied checkout privileges if a book is needed for an assignment.
  • Books are checked out for 2 weeks, but books may be renewed for additional time.
  • Students in grades 3-5 may checkout magazines for 1 week.
  • Parents may use the library to check out books for their children. 
  • Teachers do not have checkout limits.


  • Children are expected to return books on time.
  • Overdue notices are printed and sent home with children.
  • If a book is more than 2 weeks overdue, we ask parents to sign the overdue slip and return it to the library.  We put a note on your child's account saying that you are helping them look for the missing book.

Damaged Books

  • We collect money for damaged books at the time the damage occurs.
  • Caution: Most damage to books is caused by water, pets, and younger family members.